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A Dialogue of Innovation: Michal Myszkowski with Dr. Christian Fillinger on Entrepreneurial Success in Life Sciences

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A Dialogue of Innovation: Michal Myszkowski with Dr. Christian Fillinger on Entrepreneurial Success in Life Sciences

Join Michal Myszkowski in a compelling 30-minute conversation with Dr. Christian Fillinger as they delve into the essence of innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic foresight in the life sciences sector. This discussion unveils the journey, insights, and forward-thinking strategies that have propelled Dr. Fillinger's ventures from startup to Life Science consulting expertise.


In this dialogue, Michal Myszkowski and Dr. Christian Fillinger explore the entrepreneurial path that led Dr. Fillinger from the nascent stages of the internet boom to establishing Switzerland's first online asset management company, and onto significant achievements in the pharmaceutical industry. This video podcast offers a unique perspective on overcoming the hurdles of entrepreneurship, mastering the complexities of a regulated field, and driving innovation in the Life Science industry.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur:

Michal Myszkowski engages Dr. Christian Fillinger in a conversation about the milestones that marked his entrepreneurial career. Starting with the excitement and challenges of participating in a successful IPO during the dot-com era, Dr. Fillinger shares the lessons learned and the determination that fueled his desire to venture out on his own. His narrative includes the founding of Switzerland's pioneering online asset management company and his eventual foray into the life sciences and pharmaceutical consulting, underscoring the importance of innovation, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

Strategic Insights in Pharma:

The conversation shifts to the strategic complexities and opportunities within the life sciences and pharma sectors. Dr. Fillinger emphasizes the necessity of navigating the regulatory environment skillfully, pushing the boundaries of creativity, and leveraging technology to create groundbreaking healthcare solutions. His approach to market research, product launches, and the application of design thinking for ideation provides valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry veterans alike.

A Vision for the Future:

Dr. Christian Fillinger and Michal Myszkowski then discuss the future of healthcare and Life Science, envisioning a more integrated and responsive system where the needs of HCPs and patients are better understood and addressed. They talk about building extensive networks for improved market research and tailoring solutions to meet the actual needs of healthcare consumers, with an eye towards enhancing the efficacy and accessibility of medical care.

Final Reflections:

As the podcast concludes, Dr. Christian Fillinger reflects on the journey of entrepreneurship, the value of collaboration, and the impact of a deep understanding of the market. This conversation is not just a recounting of past successes but a forward-looking discourse on the potential for innovation and strategic partnership to reshape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Call to Action:

Immerse yourself in this enriching conversation between Michal Myszkowski and Dr. Christian Fillinger as they explore the dynamics of entrepreneurship and innovation in the life sciences. Watch the full 30-minute video podcast to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector and be inspired to drive change in your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

A Dialogue of Innovation: Michal Myszkowski with Dr. Christian Fillinger on Entrepreneurial Success in Life Sciences

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