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Michal's Work Experience

MSD Full-time · 5 Years

Customer Experience Director, CX Lead, MER Region
May 2021 - August 2023 · 2 yrs
Kriens, Lucerne, Switzerland

In my role as the Customer Experience Director, I worked on leading the creation and execution of the CX and Insights roadmap with a program of priority projects that moved the needle for the MER P&L. I have led the vision and strategy building process, together with CX directors of the 6 MER markets and 3 MER clusters. I have successfully established and coached the MSD MER CX Community with regular conferences, meet-ups as well as regional budget and project reviews involving close to 200 people.

I also do Agile coaching of executive teams towards scaled Agile
set-up (SAFe) and I contribute to the technology and capability roadmap
together with other Directors.

Digital & Agile Lead
Jan 2021 - Apr 2021 · 4 mos
Lucerne, Switzerland

As the Digital and Agile Lead, I not only co-own the technology and capability road map together with the global IT director I also worked at scaling an ecosystem of customer-centric tools, processes, and capabilities across the region. I had the pleasure of managing part of the Swiss transformation budget (CX, Insights, Agile) ensuring there is alignment with the global executive committee and communication/ motivation of all involved stakeholders to keep going towards our long-term vision & strategy.

Digital & Data Lead
Jan 2020 - Jan 2021 · 1 yr
Lucerne, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland

Customer Solutions & MCM Lead
Jun 2018 -Jan 2020 · 1 yr 8
Lucerne Area, Switzerland

Digital Strategist & eCommerce Director EUR (B2B)

Nestlé Professional · Full-time
Nov 2016 -Jun 2018 · 1 yr 8 mos
Lausanne Area, Switzerland

As the digital strategist and e-commerce director, I oversaw the B2B2C digital strategy for Nestlé’s Professional Europe (the out-of-home unit of Nestlé). I worked on establishing and executing the digital roadmap for European markets.

In this role, I had the pleasure of delivering digital capabilities and platforms to over 15 countries to improve the customer experience of Nestlé’s operations. Prior to this, I was responsible for customer experience and digital programs across the APAC region in Singapore.  

Some of the highlights of this role included:
· Building a new center of excellence (customer contact & solution delivery) and team in Singapore for the APAC region.
· Setting up digital best practices for business, marketing and partnerships for the APAC region.
· Rolling out multiple e-commerce and marketing automation platforms.
· Establishing people management structures and career development initiatives.

I was also responsible for global multi-brand customer experience and eBusiness platforms. On-site work experience on all continents (except Antarctica). Leading workshops and projects to advise marketers on customer experience (CX/UX) and eCommerce strategy.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Global

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
May 2015 - Oct 2016 · 1 yr 6 mos
Zürich Area, Switzerland

As the Senior Digital Marketing Manager, I oversaw leading global digital communication programs for the group’s marketing and communications function.

I had the pleasure of managing the digital platform for the Zurich Insurance Company’s website ( and +20 country websites. I also was responsible for publishing the right content at the right time in the right format for several digital channels

.In this role, I cooperated with corporate publishing, media relations, internal and external communications and brand management sectors

.I was responsible for all aspects of digital communication with accountability of the customer journey and customer experience for the Zurich Insurance Group.

Nestle S.A. (Singapore)

Global Digital Program Manager (eBusiness & Digital Strategy)
Jul 2013 - Apr 2015 · 1 yr 10 mos

Responsible for global digital program roll-outs such as building a center for digital marketing and communication excellence in both Singapore and Switzerland. I would also fully manage content production and delivery together with the brand/communication team.

I was solely responsible for setting-up digital practices for eBusiness and digital marketing in the APAC region.

I oversaw the roll-out of several digital marketing, communication, and eCommerce platforms and worked on the evaluation of emerging Technologies, Partner structure, and digital strategy.

Global Digital Program Manager (eBusiness & Digital Strategy)
Sep 2010 - Jul 2013 · 2 yrs 11 mos
Vevey, Switzerland

As the Global Digital Program Manager Responsible for Nestlé Switzerland, I was responsible for creating a global multi-brand eBusiness platform.

This role also involved on-site experience on all continents (except Antarctica), leading workshops and projects to advise markets on content, communication & digital marketing strategy.

I initially started in the position of service delivery manager and later evolved to 360 degree platform owner who managed:
- Stakeholder management across all participating brands.
- Market requests and digital activation in cooperation with the brand team.
- Platform technology management.
- Platform operation management (award-winning 2nd Level offshore Support team).
- Responsible for online payments consolidation.

Usability & UX lead

Userlytics Corporation
Dec 2007 - Aug 2010 · 2 yrs 9 mos

I had the distinct pleasure of building a user interface testing platform for customer insights and through this, I established the digital marketing practices for Userlytics Corporation which served the eCommerce, FMCG, and Health industries.

Some of the key elements of my role involved:

- Product development
- Communication and marketing
- Key account management
- Team-lead of +20 people
- Technical development management
- Technical operations management
- People management and career development

Senior Business Consultant - Digital Strategy

Sep 2006 - Nov 2007 · 1 yr 3 mos
Zug, Switzerland

As the senior business consultant on business strategy, I worked on consulting client projects for a leading digital and brand agency in Switzerland.

I was responsible for eCommerce, Digital Marketing and communications, UX/UI analysis, business process management (BPM) as well as product information management (PIM) for the FMCG, eBanking, Retail, and Travel industries.

Business Consultant / Digital Lead

Promacx AG
Jun 2005 - Sep 2006 · 1 yr 4 mos
Bern Area, Switzerland

Managing client projects:
PIM (Product Information) Projects for Pharmaceutical industry
MAM (Media Asset Management) Projects for Pharmaceutical industry
CMS (Content Management) Projects for Pharmaceutical, Luxury and Technology industry

Usability of Websites and Webapplications
Digital Marketing Concepts for several large Luxury and Pharmaceutical Brands

Business Consultant, Digital Marketing (Co-owner)

it-relations (POS & Digital Agency)
Dec 2003 - May 2005 · 1 yr 6 mos
Lucerne Area, Switzerland

- Business Development
- Digital Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Project Management

Web Programmer / Project Manager / Graphic Designer

Nova AG
Sep 2002 - Sep 2003 · 1 yr 1 mo
Lucerne Area, Switzerland

Graphic design and development for a yachting website, designed and built a online yachting Map index (before the spread of google maps)

Web Programmer / Project Manager

Apr 2001 - Apr 2002 · 1 yr 1 mo Greater New York City Area

Freelancer for Swiss and US based companies

Development & graphic design for a website with customer relationship management (CRM) system for a Japan/US based company

winVS software

Web Programmer
Apr 1999 - Mar 2001 · 2 yrs
Zürich Area, Switzerland

Web Programmer & Graphic designer (LAMP, ASP, Visual Basic), Web Designer, Project Manager

Build CRM (JAVA & JSP) Products for the Financial & Insurance Sector

Junior Programmer
Feb 1998 - Mar 1999 · 1 yr 2 mos
Zürich Area, Switzerland

ASP, Visual-Basic, Supporter, Junior Project Manager

Junior Programmer
July 1996- August 1997 · 1 yr 2 mos
Zürich Area, Switzerland

ASP, Visual-Basic Developer
Build Products for the Financial & Insurance Sector


Programming Trainee
Aug 1995 - July 1996 · 1 yr
Zürich Area, Switzerland

Programming Trainee - Portfolio Management Software - ERP System
Build Products for the Financial & Insurance Sector

IT Trainee
Aug 1994 - July 1995 · 1 yr
Zürich Area, Switzerland

Programming Trainee
- Portfolio Management Software
- ERP SystemBuild Products for the Financial & Insurance Sector

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