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AI + Video in Pharma: The Future of Customer Engagement

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AI + Video in Pharma: The Future of Customer Engagement

Recently, I had the privilege to participate in the Next Pharma Summit in Vienna, discussing a topic that’s close to my heart: "AI + Video: Driving Pharma’s Next-Level Customer Engagement." Joined by a panel of experts, we delved into how these technologies are reshaping the landscape of customer interaction in the pharmaceutical industry.

Watch the Panel Video

If you missed out on this year's event, be sure to catch up by watching the video below. I highly encourage you to be part of the next Summit - it's an opportunity not to be missed!
Find out more at Next Pharma Summit.

Revolutionizing Pharma Communication with AI and Video

The integration of AI and video in pharma is not just about enhancing communication; it's a transformational shift towards more personalized, impactful, and efficient customer engagement. As highlighted in the summit, this approach can significantly improve how pharmaceutical companies interact with healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders.

Key Thoughts on AI and Video for Pharma:

As I reflected on the panel discussion and about AI's role in video, especially within the pharma industry, I embarked on a journey of exploration. I looked at articles from different sectors, absorbing insights and viewpoints, to deepen my understanding and enrich my perspectives.

Here are some reflections from this insightful expedition!

  1. Transformative AI Engagement: ViiHealth is a leader in AI for pharmaceuticals, offering cutting-edge digital solutions to improve engagement with healthcare professionals and patients. Their smart tools exemplify the transformative power of AI in the pharma industry, elevating customer interactions and operational efficiency. Discover more about their innovative AI solutions at ViiHealth.
  2. Enhancing Memorability and Impact: As noted by Wistia, videos are inherently memorable and engaging. In pharma, this means delivering complex medical information in a more digestible and relatable manner.
  3. Personalization through AI: The evolving role of AI in video production, as discussed in Shoots Video, allows for the customization of content based on individual viewer preferences and behaviors.
  4. Real-Time Interaction: The future of AI and video in pharma is leaning towards real-time interactions, offering personalized responses and solutions to patients and healthcare providers.
  5. Amplifying Relationships: AI-driven video content can strengthen the relationship between pharmaceutical reps and healthcare professionals, providing valuable, tailored information without additional workload on the reps.
  6. Content Repurposing: AI enables the efficient repurposing of content, such as converting webinars into various formats like videos and blogs, maximizing the outreach and impact of educational materials.
  7. Breaking the Monolith of Video: The panel emphasized moving beyond traditional, one-dimensional video formats to more dynamic, interactive, and personalized video experiences.
  8. AI-Generated Video Avatars for Enhanced Medical Communication: AI-driven video avatars represent an innovative way to deliver timely and personalized information to doctors. These avatars ensure 24/7 availability of accurate and engaging content about medicines, revolutionizing how healthcare professionals interact with pharmaceutical information. Interesting article:
  9. Feedback Loop Integration: Incorporating feedback loops via QR codes or links in AI-driven videos enables pharma companies to directly gather insights from healthcare professionals. This method enhances communication strategies by making them more responsive and personalized to HCPs' needs. Tools like Screver provide seamless integration into existing pharma systems, streamlining the management of AI content and feedback mechanisms. Discover more at

The CX Perspective: Enhancing Pharma’s Customer Experience

From a customer experience (CX) standpoint, the fusion of AI and video in pharma heralds a new era of customer engagement:

  • Empathy and Understanding: By using video, pharmaceutical companies can better empathize with their audience, delivering content that resonates on a human level.
  • Data-Driven Personalization: AI's ability to analyze customer data and preferences allows for the creation of highly personalized video content, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of communication.
  • Efficiency and Accessibility: AI-driven video production streamlines the content creation process, making valuable information more accessible and timely.

CX-Advisory: Your Partner in AI and Video Integration

At CX-Advisory, we understand the groundbreaking impact AI and video can have in the pharmaceutical sector. As a strategic consulting firm, our focus is on integrating these advanced technologies into your marketing and sales operations, ensuring a transformative approach to customer engagement.

  • Strategic Consulting and Implementation: We provide expert guidance in formulating and executing AI and video strategies tailored to your business objectives and customer preferences.
  • Content Personalization and Engagement: Our experts help you to utilizes AI to customize video content, making it more relevant and engaging for your audience, thereby strengthening customer loyalty.
  • Project Management for Transformation: Beyond strategy, we manage the entire transformation process, ensuring seamless integration of AI-driven video into your operational workflow.
  • Keeping Pace with Evolution: The AI and video landscape is ever-changing. We ensure your strategies stay ahead of the curve, adapting to new trends and technologies for continued relevance and effectiveness.

🚀 Embrace the future of pharma customer engagement with CX-Advisory. Connect with us to discover how AI and video can transform your customer interactions and drive your business forward. 🌐📽️💡

AI + Video in Pharma: The Future of Customer Engagement

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