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Decisive Agility: Embracing Bezos's Two-Way Door and Commitment in CX

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Decisive Agility: Embracing Bezos's Two-Way Door and Commitment in CX

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is known for his unique approach of taking decisions with speed and his engineering mindset with  focus on truth and facts. I enjoyed listening the Lex Fridman Podcasts and afterwards researched a bit deeper on the concepts of the "two-way door" and "disagree and commit."

The "two-way door" decisions, refers to decisions that can be reversed relatively easily, and hence, can be made quickly and without exhaustive deliberation. On the other hand, "disagree and commit" is a principle that encourages team members to voice their opinions and disagreements but to commit to a decision fully once it's made, even if they initially opposed it.

These concepts highlight the importance of swift decision-making and unity in execution. Compromises, which can sometimes lead to half-hearted solutions, are seen as less favorable by the Amazon Founder. A good decision, according to Bezos, should be made with conviction and followed through with commitment.

Some reflections:

Two-Way Door Decisions:From my perspective, the "Two-Way Door" approach is crucial as it embodies agility—allowing teams to make decisions that are not final and can be adjusted with minimal consequence. This is particularly vital in customer experience (CX) strategy, where customer feedback can result in the need for swift pivots.

  • Decisions easily reversible or changed without significant cost or consequence.
  • Encourages quick decision-making; if outcomes aren't as expected, you can simply walk back through the same door and take another decision.
  • In the fast-paced business world, these decisions allow for rapid innovation and adaptation.
  • Two-Way-Door  Decisions do not need to be escalated to top management
  • However One-Way-Door decisions need to be taken with care and by top management.

Disagree and Commit:"Disagree and Commit" means that even if you don’t agree, sometimes you have to fully support a decision that was taken. It underscores the importance of unity in execution. It values diverse perspectives but also emphasizes the need for cohesive action once a decision is made. This approach can drive a company forward even when consensus isn't possible, preventing the paralysis that often comes with seeking perfect agreement.

  • A team principle where individuals are encouraged to voice dissenting opinions.
  • Once a decision is made, everyone commits wholly, regardless of initial disagreement.
  • This approach fosters unity and decisiveness in execution.
  • But its not a Compromise!

The Problem with Compromise:Avoiding compromise, which can lead to mediocre outcomes, is a principle that resonates deeply with me. In my view, compromise in CX can lead to diluted experiences that fail to delight any segment of the customer base fully. Instead, bold, committed decisions—rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs—are what set apart leading companies.

  • Can lead to diluted solutions that satisfy no one fully.
  • May result in lingering dissatisfaction and a lack of ownership of outcomes.
  • True commitment to decisions fosters better team dynamics and more effective implementation.

🤩 Crafting decisions with confidence and committing to them can be a game-changer in the business landscape. So in my opinion, these strategies are essential. Compromise can often lead to half measures, which in the context of CX, can result in lackluster customer experiences. It's the bold decisions, made swiftly and backed by the entire team's commitment, that can truly differentiate and elevate a company's service offerings.

For in-depth insights into these concepts, I refer to Jeff Haden's article on and the Wikipedia page on "Disagree and commit." As for the drawbacks of compromise, more information is available in the article from Pivotal Counseling.Inc article: Jeff Bezos's article on decision-making

  • For further insights, Bezos's strategies are discussed on Inc and Wikipedia. Lex Fridman's podcast also delves deeper, accessible here.

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Decisive Agility: Embracing Bezos's Two-Way Door and Commitment in CX

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